Celex Casting Ltd Terms and Conditions


1.1 By submitting the Celex Registration Form and registering with Celex Casting Ltd ("Celex", "we", "us", "our"), you (the "Artist", "you", "your") explicitly accept the terms and conditions detailed in this document. Celex shall provide the Artist with the following services: 
  • Identifying and, where appropriate, securing suitable employment opportunities for the Artist with production companies
  • Representing the Artist in any contract negotiations with production companies (the Artist’s prospective employers), including but not limited to signing contracts on behalf of the Artist 
  • Receiving any remuneration from a production company in respect of work carried out for that production company. Any such remuneration shall be paid into Celex’s client account where it shall remain until such time as it is due to be processed and paid to the Artist 
  • Maintain accurate employment records for any work undertaken by the Artist with a production company where this work was obtained through Celex. 
The Artist must submit all information required on the registration form.

1.2 We keep and maintain an active database of our registered artists reflecting the information provided to us by artists using our online service. Your 'acceptance' on to our register is dependent on the criteria outlined in 1.3 below, being met and maintained for the entire duration of your registration. Your 'registration' refers to the period of time you have chosen to use our service, from acceptance to either withdrawal or deletion of your details from our online database, by you or by us, for breaking any of our terms.

1.3 You must not have any unspent criminal convictions and/or violent or sexual offences relating to the protection of children or vulnerable adults. Driving offences do not need to be declared, unless you are asked to do so in the form of a driver's declaration.
You must have the right to work in the UK. 

Your full registration contains all information required by Celex. This information includes:
  • All measurements
  • All contact details
  • Upload of your DBS certificate (less than 18 months old), with none of the convictions outlined above
  • Upload of right to work evidence 
  • Bank details

1.4 At no time will the Artist ever be an employee of Celex nor have a Contract of Employment with us.  In all employment placements with production companies, the production company shall at all times be regarded as the ‘employer’. For Income Tax and National Insurance (NI) purposes, you are considered as 'self-employed'. Therefore, you are responsible for paying your own Income Tax and, where appropriate, submitting your own annual tax return.  You are also responsible, where appropriate, to make any National Insurance payments such as Class II, Class IV, etc  Celex is not your employer, therefore, we do not pay NI contributions or pension contributions, maternity pay, or other concessions provided to typical employees. 

1.5 By registering with Celex, the Artist is declaring the Artist’s willingness to be considered for any potential and suitable employment opportunities with production companies as and when these may arise. Celex does not guarantee to the Artist that employment placements with production companies will be forthcoming. The Artist will only be offered such opportunities where the Artist matches the requirements of the production company and is available for such opportunities. 
1.6 The Artist has the right to de-register with Celex at any time by giving 24 hours verbal notice. This must be confirmed in writing to Celex via e-mail or regular mail within seven days of the verbal notice. Should the Artist choose to de-register with Celex during a work placement obtained via Celex, the minimum period of notice shall become effective once the Artist has completed the work placement. Similarly, Celex has the right to de-register an Artist at any time by giving 24 hours verbal notice that shall be followed up with a written notice within seven days of the verbal notice being given. A de-registration process by Celex shall only commence once all outstanding work placements obtained via Celex have been completed. 


2.1 Celex does not charge any registration or ‘book’ fee, either in advance or retrospectively.
All payments owed to Celex by the Artist for services (see above) provided by Celex to the Artist shall be deducted directly on a commission basis, as shown below, from the production company’s remuneration. In exceptional circumstances, for example when an artist receives a payment from a production company directly, Celex will request a payment from the Artist via an invoice. Only information provided by the Artist on the Celex Registration Form shall be entered onto the Celex computer database and the Artist’s picture profile may be used on any Celex website and, where appropriate, any brochures and supporting literature required by a prospective employer. The Artist’s picture profile may also be used in any TV programme or film or any other such public forum.  Celex will maintain all data provided by the Artist in accordance with the requirements and principles of the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (UK-GDPR 2018). Commission is due to Celex on any professional work obtained for the Artist directly or indirectly via Celex.

2.2 Payments to the Artist will only be made once the corresponding payments from the production company have been received, checked and cleared through the Celex bank account. Celex will make every attempt to pay the Artist within ten working days of receipt and clearance through the Celex bank account of the correct payment from the production company. However, in exceptional circumstances and situations beyond Celex’s immediate control such as an incorrect payment from a production company (the Artist’s employer), payments may take longer to process.  Celex cannot make payments to the Artist until we have received the relevant information from the production company detailing the exact amount the Artist has been paid by the production company for the work undertaken by the Artist.

2.3 We cannot credit artists in advance, or before a payment is received by us. General guidance for pay to us is usually no later than around 6 weeks after your booking.  However, this can vary greatly between production companies.  Independent production companies or corporations may take longer than this, depending on their processing methods. You must query your pay directly with the production company on signing out, when presented with a salary voucher (known as a ‘chit’), or with us when using electronic or paperless methods (known as ‘chitless’). You must keep your copy of the chit, in order to provide evidence of work and funds owed that day. This is also to help us follow up any owed funds, such as repeat fees or wrong payment.

2.4 We cannot be responsible for loss of pay due to incorrect bank details, either due to not notifying us of changes, or for the Artist's own input errors. If you do decide to withdraw your registration with Celex, you will still be paid any repeat fees you may be due, for the foreseeable future. This means it is always best to notify us of any changes to your bank and contact details otherwise, you may not receive these funds.

2.5 Where payments are expected to take longer than ten working days, Celex will contact the Artist by telephone and in writing (via text, e-mail or Facebook message, whichever is the more appropriate at the time) advising the Artist of the situation and expected payment date. Celex does not accept liability for bankrupt or defaulting production companies who owe fees to the Artist, although every possible attempt will be made by Celex to recover the Artist’s money. Payments made to Celex may come from multiple production companies and may not necessarily be paid in the order in which the Artist’s jobs were completed.

2.6 Celex shall pay the Artist only via electronic funds transfer directly into the Artist’s bank account. Cheques will not normally be issued. The Artist shall be sent a Remittance Advice detailing the work done and what has been paid into the Artist’s bank account and any deductions made at source by the production company such as tax and NI where appropriate. The Artist should check both the Artist’s bank statements and Celex’s Remittance Advice carefully. Celex will always try to answer any questions about fees due to the Artist. Should the Artist fail to receive payment after a reasonable period, the Artist should inform Celex immediately. Celex may ask the Artist to refer to the Artist’s diary so the Artist should have any dates and details ready before the Artist contacts Celex. 

2.7 The Artist is aware of and accepts the commission rates of Celex as follows:
  • Our current commission rate is 17.5% across all media, plus a £1.00 administration fee per booking. Commission is taken from all performance fees, enhancements, uniform fees, fitting fees and Covid testing fees.
  • All charges are subject to VAT as per government rulings where appropriate
  • Expenses are not eligible for commission deduction. Expenses include but are not exclusive to:
    travel expenses (where appropriate); general expenses (where appropriate) and some photo fees.
  • In cases of an incorrect payment made by Celex resulting in a refund being due to the Artist, such refunds shall be made via electronic funds transfer.  In such cases, no additional administration fees shall be charged. 

2.8 The Artist is responsible for payment of the Artist’s own tax and NI where this is not taken off at source by the employer. All engagements are undertaken on the understanding that the artist is self-employed for tax and NI purposes. 
2.9 In the instance an artist is cancelled after 12:00 the day before a shoot the Artist will receive a full basic day rate (excluding holiday pay), in-line with our Client Terms & Conditions.


3.1 We will only use the word 'book' or 'booking', when it is a confirmed booking. The term 'pencil' refers to a provisional booking whilst awaiting acceptance/confirmation by a production company. You are not obliged to accept any booking we offer you. However, upon acceptance we also require reasonable notice if you need to cancel. 
Reasonable notice is at least 48 hours. Circumstances beyond your control are exceptions to this rule, such as illness/accident, car mechanical failings, childcare emergencies, bereavements or personal matters. We understand the importance of being open and transparent about mental health and wellness, therefore illness also includes mental illness/issues. We do request that exceptional circumstances are declared with as much notice as possible, where appropriate, even if this is in the middle of the night. You can call us using the Celex mobile number or the general office number. We have the right to decide whether an issue is subject to this exception rule.

3.2 If you accept a booking, you must be prepared to arrive early morning and have the flexibility to remain until you are released. We recommend using the 7AM-7PM rule. We do not receive your call time until the evening before your booking and will not know your wrap time, in advance. The only exceptions are night shoots and/or early morning calls, where we may find out general filming hours. However, this is often more of a matter of etiquette, rather than a general rule.

3.3 If you do not attend a booking or are late, without reasonable explanation, we will remove you from our register with immediate effect, without payment. If, on the day before your booking, you do not confirm your call time/booking, within a timely manner, or let us know before-hand that you will not be available to confirm, we have the tight to withdraw your booking. This will always result in non-payment. If you do not complete the appropriate paperwork or forms, promptly, we also have the right to withdraw your booking. This includes Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), health/fitness declarations, driving declaration, etc
Production companies are not obligated to pay a cancellation fee to you, unless they cancel after 5PM, the day before your booking (Sunday 5pm for Monday bookings). This late cancellation fee does not apply to a cancellation for breaking our Terms, or for breaking the terms of the production company.

In addition to the above Terms, you must also adhere to the following, while representing Celex on a booking:

  • Maintain a professional attitude and be polite and courteous at all times
  • Take all costume and/or accessories necessary and outlined in your costume brief
  • Take care of any costume/props provided to you and hand all costume/props back at the end of filming
  • Follow instructions intently and without question
  • Follow the guidelines, rules or regulations, set out by the production company
  • Do not make any noise, or take phone calls, while on set, or while filming is commencing

3.4 Should the Artist not fulfil, or be late for any booking, the Artist shall be responsible for any waiting time or fees incurred either by the production company or by Celex due to the Artist’s lateness or non-attendance. In the case of Celex, any such fees shall be requested via an invoice to the Artist. Should the Artist fail to turn up for a booking without giving prior notice and without good reason, the Artist’s name may be removed from the Celex register. 
3.5 If the Artist accepts a booking Celex will expect the Artist to attend. If for a specific reason the Artist cannot attend, the Artist must inform Celex immediately so that Celex, in turn, can inform the production company and, if necessary, replace the Artist. Celex requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.

3.6 After accepting a booking, the Artist is expected to be available to confirm their call time, the day before their scheduled booking. Call times are typically sent via WhatsApp, between the hours of 17:00 and 20:00, but may be sent by email in some circumstances. Failure to confirm receipt of the call time by the Artist may lead to the Artist being replaced, without notice. In the instance that the Artist will not be available between the hours formally outlined, the Artist is expected to inform Celex of any delay in confirming and in some circumstances a pre-arranged confirmation may be appropriate. For example, where the artist is expected to receive their call time when on a late/night shoot. Under this pre-arrangement the 'failure to confirm' policy does not apply, however, a courtesy confirmation from the Artist is still appreciated.

3.7 The Artist should acknowledge immediately any messages left for the Artist by Celex relating to work obtained by Celex, whether the Artist is available or not. The Artist should keep a record of all bookings with dates, times, companies, hours worked etc. The Artist should arrive early for work. If the Artist is going to be late, the Artist must contact Celex immediately to advise Celex the time the Artist expects to arrive so that Celex may inform the production company.

3.8 On the day of work, the Artist shall ensure that the Artist signs out (if required to do so) and should the Artist have any queries about the Artist’s grade or hours worked the Artist should raise these with the 2nd Assistant Director (or equivalent) before the Artist signs the release form. Where the production company is using a paperless sign out system, known as 'Chitless', the Artist is responsible for ensuring all details concerning their booking are correct. Any discrepancies should be queried directly with production, using the Celex online chitless system. Once the Artist has accepted their 'Chit' it cannot be queried further. Neither Celex nor the production company are responsible for loss of pay due to failure to notice discrepancies after accepting their chit.


4.1 It is your own responsibility to ensure your measurements, photos and personal details are recent and correct.  'Recent' means measurements/photos less than 1 year old and/or measurements/photos with an accurate representation of your physical attributes, eg current hair length, hair and style with any measurements being accurate and correct. The Artist must let Celex know immediately of any significant changes in the Artist’s appearance, such as hair colour/length etc.  Celex cannot return photographs.

Personal details include:
  • All contact details
  • Upload of your DBS certificate (less than 18 months old), with none of the convictions outlined above
  • Upload of right to work evidence 
  • Bank details

4.2 You do not have to declare any medical conditions, allergies or dietary requirements to us. However, where appropriate, we urge you to please let us know of any in order to keep you safe and inform you of any health and safety risks that may affect you. Please also make reasonable decisions to consider your own health and safety before accepting a booking or take necessary provisions to keep yourself safe. (For example, if you have suffered from recent back problems you may reasonably decide not to accept a booking where lifting of heavy objects may be required).

4.3 A production company has the right to remove you from set, without pay, if your physical attributes are inaccurately represented, or have been manipulated in any way. We also have the right to remove you from our register, for the same reasons.


5.1 If we feel your ethics or attitude do not reflect our company standards, we will remove you from your bookings and our register with immediate effect. We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination and have the right to protect others from harm. This includes protection from any discriminatory opinions or views you may have, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ageism, ableism, or religious intolerance, or any forms of:

  • harassment or bullying, whether that be verbally or via social media;  
  • physical, verbal and sexual abuse and/or harassment of Celex staff, production staff, or other artists or members of the public, where appropriate

5.2 Making someone feel uncomfortable is also a form of harassment, whether intentional, or unintentional. Serious offences may be reported to the police, or other appropriate authority. 
Slander or libel (including via social media) towards our company staff, production company staff or other artists will not be tolerated.

5.3 Equally, if you feel you have been the victim of any of the above during an engagement booked via Celex, you should immediately report this to us with exact details and timings etc.


6.1 Any publicity resulting from a booking must be discussed with Celex first. The Artist is reminded that script and programme confidentiality are vital.  The Artist must not disclose information about any character or programme or commercial without prior permission from Celex, the production company or advertising agency. Celex expects the Artist to maintain a professional standard at all times. 

6.2 You must follow the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (UK-GDPR 2018), which apply to all persons and companies operating in the UK. 

In addition to this:
  • You must not take any photos or recordings, either video or audio, while on set
  • You must not divulge any details of a production or storylines, on social media or contact any media, such as journalists, newspapers or magazines
  • You must not approach or contact any other artists, actors, crew or production staff, including via social media
  • You must follow any Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is provided to you by a production company


7.1 Celex may terminate or suspend the Artist’s registration and access to our online services immediately without prior notice or liability for any reason whatsoever, without limitation, should the Artist breach any of the terms and conditions set out above.

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GTC - February 2024-1 (last updated 29/02/2024)

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