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New and Existing Artists Useful Information

  • Everything You Need to Know After Accepting a Booking:
  • Travelling to Unitbases & Locations
    ⭐︎ You must always be prompt and allow plenty of time to travel.
    ⭐︎ In case of emergency, you are lost or delayed, please call the Celex mobile.
    ⭐︎ In the event you cannot attend a job, you must give us as much notice as possible - even if it a call in the middle of the night, as we would have to find a replacement for you.
    ⭐︎ Expect that you may have to drive from the base to a location.
    ⭐︎ We recommend you take a small cash float, to cover any unexpected parking, canteen or miscellaneous expenses.
    ⭐︎ Please keep your mobile on whilst travelling, in the event that we, or the 2nd AD need to contact you.
    ⭐︎ Please download the What3Words app (see next section).
    ⭐︎ Go alone – under no circumstances must another person/child/pet be taken to any job along with you –if you are relying on a lift please be aware that they will not be allowed to hang around at the unit base or studio whilst you are working – this is a dismissible offence.
    ⭐︎ Find the AD to report to when you arrive and check in.

  • What is the What3Words app?
    We will always give you a full address of the location but it is your responsibility to plan your route ahead.
    Do not rely solely on a SatVav and postcode.

    Wherever possible, we will provide your with the '
    What 3 Words' location.
    This is most accurate way to direct you and it will give you a pinpoint location of 3m×3m.
    strongly recommend you download the app, or you will risk getting lost or delayed.

  • Representing Celex While on Set
    ⭐︎ You must always conduct yourself in a professional manner – never ask for an autograph – never take a camera/phone on set – never ask members of the crew for further work or take your CV – respect the privacy of the actors and do not approach them – any of these will result in instant dismissal and non-payment for that day.
    ⭐︎ The ADs (assistant directors) are in charge and are there to look after you and your safety, and to ensure that filming goes smoothly. Please listen to what they and the runners say.
    ⭐︎ Don’t go off set without permission from an AD. You need to stay on-set, or where instructed by the ADs and runners, even if you are not being filmed. You may be needed later, and you're still being paid for your time.
    ⭐︎ If you need to leave set for any reason (to go to the toilet, to make a phone call, or for any other reason) please check with ADs or runners first - you may be about to be called to set.
    ⭐︎ Don’t plan anything in the evening of a booking as we can never guarantee a wrap time. You must do all the hours you're needed for on set and stay until you are released. The days maybe longer than you expected so please be prepared for this. If you go over the set hours, you will be paid overtime.
    ⭐︎ Be prepared for waiting around and be patient and polite. Take a book/tablet to keep yourself entertained.
    ⭐︎ Take snacks!!
    ⭐︎ Be as quiet and attentive as possible, do not talk or whisper on set, while filming is taking place.
    ⭐︎ Mobile Phones must be switched off on set.
    ⭐︎ It is against the law to smoke in any public building or on location or studio unless it is a designated smoking area and you must ask permission beforehand.
    ⭐︎ Make sure you fill in your name, address, telephone number and NI number on your chit, and sign it to ensure you are paid. You must always sign out after a shoot and always check that times, grade and any special skills are correct–if you have any queries you must mention it at the time.
    ⭐︎ Make sure you have fun!
  • Information on Costume:
    ⭐︎ Always take at least 3 changes of clothes per role, per job.
    ⭐︎ Take your clothes with you, so the costume designer can see what you have.
    ⭐︎ It may be an idea to take a small suitcase, with your ironed clothes inside, to avoid them becoming creased.
    ⭐︎ Always check which season the scenes are set in. This information is usually in your call times message but please ask us, if it is not.
    ⭐︎ Avoid logos, black, red, white, spots, stripes and any other vibrant colour or patterns on clothes, unless requested.
    ⭐︎ If you are given a costume to wear, you are responsible for keeping it in good condition and for returning it to the costume department, after filming.
    ⭐︎ If you are wearing a wig/hair accessory never remove it yourself. Please wait for costume or make-up to remove it for you.
  • General Information:
  • Artist Terms & Conditions
    Full artist terms & conditions can be found here.

    A TL;DR version provided below:
    ★ Keep your photos and measurements up to date. This should be done at least once a year.
    ★ Let us know if you are ill, or cannot attend a booking for any reason, with plenty of notice (where possible).
    ★ Arrive on time to bookings.
    ★ Stay professional on set.
    ★ We do not tolerate any abuse towards other artists, crew or staff. This includes on social media.
    ★ Harassment will not be tolerated, even if it is unintentional. Making someone feel uncomfortable is a form of harassment.
    ★ Hate speech
    * will not be tolerated, even if on social media. The target(s) of the hate speech are the ones who will determine what is classed as hate speech. Not you.

    * Definition of hate speech
  • Information on payments
    Commission: 17.5% (plus VAT)
    Admin fee:
    £2.00 per payment.
    We do not charge a yearly fee.

    You do not need to do anything once you have worked on your first job with Celex. We will handle all payments.
    ★ You must always sign out after a shoot. If you are working on a show with paper chits always check that times, grade and any special skills are correct – Please query any discrepancies with the AD, on sign out.
    Pay takes around 4-6 weeks to arrive to us. This can be longer for independent productions or corporates.
    We will pay you as soon as we receive payment. We do not hold on to pay.
    We cannot pay anyone an advance, or before the funds have been received.
    You need to ensure your bank details are correct. Most banks forward new details to us, but not always.
    If payment is made into a wrong or old bank account, we cannot retrieve these funds. Only you can do this, with the help of your bank.

    Rates of pay can be viewed here.
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  • Useful Apps and Websites
    Navigate to precise locations, with the 3 words referenced in your call time messages.
    Never get lost again!

    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Free PDF viewer. You cannot sign or edit PDFs. Only view them.
    Very handy for reading terms or contracts on your computer.

    Download for Mac OS X
    Download for Windows

    Must have app for call times and file sharing.
    We use broadcast lists to contact a large amount of SAs at once.
    Phone number needs to be saved as a contact in your phone, in order to receive broadcast messages.

    WhatsApp Web:
    Use WhatsApp Web to share files using your Windows or Mac computer. Very handy for downloading forms from WhatsApp, rather than relying on email.
    (requires WhatsApp to be installed on your phone)

    Download for Mac OS X
    Download for Windows

    Remove bg:
    Free app that removes the background from your images, making them look professional.
    Make sure you crop all excess background out before using this, as it will resize your images. Cropping the image first will ensure your image is perfectly sized for us.

    Go to background remover

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