Frequently Asked Questions

  • New Artist Questions
  • How do I register to become a supporting artist?
    Please go to our new artists page to apply.
  • Do I need to apply for a DBS before applying?
    No, you can wait to see if you are accepted before applying for a DBS.
    Once accepted you will need to apply and upload your DBS in order to complete your registration.
    There is a DBS FAQ page, which is linked on the registration form.
  • Are there any joining fees, or registrations fees?
    All agencies charge different rates, commission, joining fees, booking fees, etc.
    At Celex, we do not charge a membership or joining fee.
    We charge
    17.5% commission (plus VAT), taken from all earnings gained through our representation.
    We also charge a £2.00 admin fee, per payment.
  • Are professional headshots a requirement?
    The short answer is no.

    In the past, professional headshots were a requirement, as they were the only way artists could get good quality photos.
    Nowadays, smart phones have brilliant camera as standard; so we no longer require professional headshots.
    We do, however, ask that some requirements are met and that you also send us a full length photo:
    Plain background - there are also many free background remover websites, available, to remove any backgrounds and make your photos appear professional.
    • Good natural light - a great way to achieve this, is by taking your photos in front of a window.
    • Show your full hair length.
    • Good quality - they should not be pixelated, too small or skewed.
    • Simple or plain shirt/top - stripes don't show up great on a camera.
  • How much do supporting artists get paid?
    It depends on the region, production company, how long you are there and what sort of performance you have. In the Midlands, the most common production is an Equity production. If the production company is BBC, the rate comes under the "BBC equity rate"; an independent production company is paid under the "Equity PACT" rate. Both have different rates; a full list of rates can be found here.
  • How do I become a supporting artist, for film and television?
    The best way to become a Supporting Artist (extra), is to sign up with an agency.
    All agencies have different requirements for their new artists.
    At Celex, we only accept those who have drama/acting/performance experience. This means you must upload an acting CV, for your application to be considered. We do also accept artists with similar qualifications or experience.
    For example, singers, dancers, models and those with promo experience are also considered.
  • Existing Artist Questions
  • How do I update my profile?
    You need to get an online profile.
    See the next question for how to get an online profile.
  • I am already registered with Celex, how do I get an online profile?
    Please contact us by WhatsApping the Celex mobile or emailing us.
  • I used to be an SA, but I haven't worked in a few years. How do I re-register?
    If it's been over 6 years or more since you last updated your profile, you will need to apply as a new artist.
  • Do I need a DBS check?
    You cannot work without uploading an in-date DBS certificate to your online profile.

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